Safety changes we have had to make.


Peeps, we are having to put together a few changes to how we function and run The Otter Vale Wild Camping due to the current circumstances, but to enable us to open our gates again when allowed.

Many of you will have been to stay with us before and are aware of our pride in being able to offer you space and choice of where you set your camp up. This will not change you can still choose between meadow or woodland and have a fire. The changes are not just for our safety but also for yours.

I have just put the changes in a list form for ease of reading.

1. Booking is necessary, drop inn's off the road will not be accepted as numbers will be restricted.

2. Booking via phone/text/email/fb message, we need to know the following: how many adults/children/tents/Hammocks/Van /nights. Name of persons in charge of your party, address, telephone number, email and the reg number of your vehicle. Form available via email.

3. You will need to bring your own drinking water as access to the current supply will be out of bounds as it is part of the house. The standpipe by the loo block is safe for cooking, washing up etc.

4. It will be your responsibility to take your rubbish home to sort for recycling. *

5. Please bring with you hand sanitiser, loo roll etc. All children will need to be accompanied to the toilets due to their positioning and social distancing. The facilities may be closed at somepoint during the week if deep cleaning is taking place. 

6. Payment via bank transfer, the details will be sent to you with conformation of your booking. Obviously neither you or us will know how much wood you will use if you choose to have a campfire and if you choose to purchase it from us. (nets in the bin freely available for you to take when you need) I would ask you to keep a tally and add it onto your settlement at the end of your stay.

I do hope this all makes sense, I have tried to keep it as safe and simple as possible. None of us know how this is all going to go so we are very much having to play it by ear. I am afraid some things may change depending on how it all pans out. It is all going back to what camping used to be, boiling  the kettle to wash your dishes at your tent perhaps top and tailing the kids ! We have chosen to keep the shower and toilets open but they will not be cleaned everyday, instead we are going to place cleaning materials in the shower an toilets and will be asking yourselves to use the disinfectant spray to sanitise before and after you use. One of the showers will not be available at the Otter Vale due to it not being possible to self distance properly, so we are planning if it is possible to hire a portable shower in. Hopefully these measures will enable peeps to come and enjoy some much needed space, peace and tranquillity in the beautiful Otter Valley.

*In previous times we have had to re-sort any refuse left even though we did provide bins. This meant that one of us manually had to go through it. Due to current circumstances we do not feel this is safe for us to do, so when packing your gear please remember that you will have to take your rubbish home with you to recycle.